Monday, June 1, 2009

Are You Bored Outta Your Gourd? (3)

Don't know what to read next or even where to start looking? Try checking out this neat guide. It's got reviews from librarians, authors, and teenagers; what to read next suggestion boxes; polls and special pages set aside for the most popular books of certain genres like fantasy, pink lit, etc.
Still not impressed? Did I mention that there's 700 YA and adult books to choose from?!
Okay, breath now.....there's more. In addition to polls and genre pages, they also threw in reading lists here and there. 
Darn it! Where was this book when I was stumped on what to read! Good thing it's around to help you now, though.
You can order this book on amazon or try finding it at your library today!

Hey! What are you still doing here? 
Oh. You need more book suggestions?
Okay, try these books as well:

500 Great Books for Teens by Antia Silvery 

Don't forget, is another way too find books and ask for recommendations! 

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AussieT said...

For a taste of international teenage adventure fiction, try a four-part rites-of-passage Australian suspense novel, recently published in New York by Eloquent Books/AEG Publishing, entitled Dangerous Days: The Autobiography of a Photojournalist. The four stories are set in various parts of Australia and England

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