Sunday, October 11, 2009

In My Mailbox (9) & 100 Followers!!!

This week I am in Phoenix. I've been to both Barnes & Noble and Borders and I only got one book. Yeah, I know. The thing is though, if you only get one book (at Borders) you get 40% off so it's better to go get ONE book every so often. (I might go back and look around some more-I like to look at the "coffee-table" books.) Huh. The nearest Borders where I live is, uh, Phoenix? The nearest Barnes & Noble: about 100 miles away. I wish I lived right down the street from a book store. If you live in the city, you have no idea how lucky you are.
Anyway I got a few books in the mail before I left:

For Review:

Black Angels by Linda Beatrice Brown (Sept. 09)
In the Path of Falling Objects by Andrew Smith (Sept. 09)

The Bought:

The Reluctant Heiress by Eva Ibbotson (April 09)

BLT has officially a 100 followers! Yay, I'm soo happy!



Kelsey said...

Congrats on 101 followers!! I really want to read The Reluctant Heiress!

a flight of minds said...

Congrats on 100 followers! :D The Reluctant Heiress is really good- I love that cover! Hope you enjoy!

- Alex

Madeline said...

Been wanting to read The Reluctant Heiress, I hope you reveiw it!
Congrats on 100 followers!!

April (BooksandWine) said...

Congrats on 100 followers!!

Hurrah for The Reluctant Heiress :-D

Orchid said...

Congratulations on reaching a 100 folowers. Happy reading. :)

Aimee said...

Nice book week and congrats on having over 100 followers! :)

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