Thursday, October 8, 2009

In Your Room by Jordanna Fraiberg

When their families randomly switch houses for the sumer, retro-chic LA fashionista Molly Hill and laidback granola boy Charlie Richards find themselves living in totally unfamiliar rooms for two long hot months. Soon they become entwined in each other's secrets, relationships and dreams. Day by day, they grow closer.......even though they're living 1,000 miles apart and have never met face-to-face. Can perfect strangers be perfect for each other? Will Molly and Charlie make it through a summer of seductions, missed connections and the thousand miles between them to find out?


In Your Room is a cute, fun story about two teens who fall in love even though they have never met. I had a great time reading this book and I’m glad I decided to pick it up. I loved how Celeste and Charlie exchanged emails and fell in love with each others personalities-not their faces.

Through one simple house exchange, Fraiberg creates a complex message about the ups and downs of love and what is means to truly commit. Charlie and Celeste experience pitfalls of temptation, doubts, and the joy of knowing somebody finally understands them.

Not only will teens enjoy In Your Room because of it’s simplicity and honesty about true love, but it can also serve as a sort of guideline. Who knows, you might even want to fall in love like Charlie and Celeste did.

All in all, In Your Room is the perfect book for any teen who enjoys a short, airy romance novel or would like to connected with characters who are experiencing those heartaches of love; I highly recommend and I hope Fraiberg writes another book soon!

Jordanna Fraiberg was born in Montreal, Quebec and currently lives in LA after receiving degrees from Harvard and Oxford. This is her first novel.

|Pages: 203|Year Published: 2008|Publisher: Razorbill|

|Genre: Contemporary fiction, teen romance|

|Age Group: YA, ages 12+|Content: None|

|Enjoyed It: 4/5|Content Rating: 5/5|Cover: 5/5|




Staysi said...

Aww this sounds like a cute story. Another add in my wishlist! :)

Jordanna Fraiberg said...

Hi Morgan, thanks for your awesome review! Just wanted you to know that I'm incredibly flattered, and I *do* have another book in the works called Our Song...

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