Saturday, April 4, 2009

Lights, Camera, Vampire Teeth!

I finally got to watch Twilight last night. Whooowho! (Yeah, I was probably the last person to see it, sarcastically speaking) It was a actually better than I thought it would be since I've gotten mixed reviews from my friends. They kept pretty much the same storyline, except it went wayyyy too fast-which was the part I didn't like. It went like this:

"Oh, Hi." (Bella), "Hello" (Edward) 
"I love you", "Me too" (Bella)
"Oh, no James is after me!", "I'll save you" (Edward)
The End.

To put it roughly anyway. Because it went too fast, it kinda lost the connection between Bella and Edward, plus the other Cullen members weren't very real. They were just there.
I was like "Get a personality please!" 
Maybe in the movies to come the characters will be more personable? The greatest thing that I missed was the sense of humor. Sure some stuff was funny, but what about Emmett's jokes and pranks?

My favorite part of the movie was the baseball game. Even my dad sat through this part.

Now in this picture I couldn't help myself. A little touch of Photoshop and viola! Silly sense of humor, right? Say, where'd I put those plastic vampire teeth............

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