Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style Giveaway

Whether you think you have a savvy fashion sense or not; go for designer clothes or stick to bargains, Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style is sure to appeal and will have you inspired in no time. Which style are you? Girly, glam, indie, edgy, boho, or classic? Skim through all these different looks for new ideas on outfits, accessories, trends, and tips on how to alter what you already have in your closet. Not sure how to fit yourself with jeans and swimwear? Pick your body-shape/style and let the guide book find your "perfect look" with its nifty notes on body types.
While I do think of myself as fashion conscious, I don't always consider wearing the "latest fad"–I try very hard to find my own style and be up to-date in my own unique way. Everyone who wants to be fashionable or stylish more or less strives to do the same and with guides like this, it will enhance your abilities to pick-out or know what you like and broaden your shopping horizon.

Morgan's Fashion Guide
Which style did I turn out to be? Girly style to the max! As I could have already guess, but don't be surprised to see at least a tinsy bit of variety in my taste. I could easily go for an indie look and lets not forget those classic pieces that always catch my eye. 

  • If I could give only one single piece of fashion advice...it would be to NEVER buy anything that will be out-of-date the following season.
  • Don't get something just because its popular...get something you know you will keep wearing again and again.
  • Be careful about those designer clothes. While they may look expensive and of course its a designer label (duh!) most every piece of clothing is made oversees, more or less in the same factory!!!!
  • If you have trouble finding your style, stick to what you like...or classic pieces that will never do you wrong. Pencil skirt, pumps, and a snazzy but neutral blouse.
  • If you are an indecisive person or have a hard time looking for fab finds on the sale rack, bring a *shopping fairy* (your sister, mom, or best friend).
Seventeen Ultimate Guide to Style Giveaway
- 3 copies are available via publisher for giveaway
- US or canadian residents
- July 12th, midnight EST

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