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Crazy in Love by Dandi Daley MacKall

High school senior Mary Jane Ettermeyer has been the good girl for a long time. To date, she's proud to say she's been able to keep her pledge of abstinence (not that anyone has challenged it). But when the cutest guy in school starts flirting with her, she suddenly finds herself crazy in love, even though her inner Plain Jane tells her he can't possibly think she's cute, while her inner Sexy M. J. is questioning her vow to keep herself pure until marriage. Not to mention that hot Jackson House shouldn't even be talking to her, because he already has a girlfriend! There are a ton of good reasons why she should never speak to Jackson again, except that every time she sees him, all of her resistance seems to melt away...

I loved MacKall’s Love Rules and because it was sush an awesome little love story, I decided to pick up another one of her books. Crazy in Love however was not anything like the other book and was very...shallow. It mainly consisted of a fluffy main character, who despite having somewhat decent intensions, went completely crazy! Well I guess that’s the whole point of the story but it could have had more depth to it instead of a “flingy” romance–if you could even call it that. M.J.’s good-girl/bad-girl dialogue was sometimes funny at first, after awhile it seemed silly. The story sort of followed classic hollywood-style “mean girl” approach: Mary Jane becomes “enemies” the most popular group of girls when she starts falling for Starr’s boyfriend. M.J’s friendship is challenged and I disliked how Jackson never stood up for his feelings for M.J. Besides the characters having developmental issues, the message behind the book is just a little bit bias. The semi-“main” conflict for M.J. was whether or not Jackson was worth loosing her virginity over. This of course is a common conflict in YA and a lot of them–like this one–tend to ride the fence. Crazy in Love however I think would confuse teens a little more mostly because it has a “conservative” feel to it: M.J. goes to church, she’s never really had a serious boyfriend, she wants to “wait”, ect.

Recommendation: Crazy in Love was not the best by MacKall and wasn’t anything super special. Try Love Rules instead–it’s a much better story.

Some sexual references and sensuality (PG-13)–ages 14+
Buy or Borrow:
 Even though I bought Crazy in Love thinking I would enjoy it just as much as Love Rules, I definitely recommend borrowing it instead.

|Pages: 232|Released: 2007|Publisher: Dutton|
|Genre: Contemporary fiction, romance, relationships|
|Content Rating: 4/5|Cover Rating: 4/5|Overall: 3/5|

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Nina said...

I don't think I will read this one, but I am going to look up Love Rules!! Great review.

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