Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Inspiring Today: Don't Look Now

...but summer is almost here.
I asked my friend Amber* a few days ago if she was ready for summer. She smiled and stood up straight in her chair. "No," she replied, blushing, "I don't want school to end." Something was up. I knew what was behind that reply. Prom. Last year I remembered asking her if she was going; of course the answer was so because she was barely a freshman. "I'm going next year though," she told me, nodding her head. I had no doubt in her confidence, however, I felt a twinge of pity for the boy. He had no idea what he was getting himself into.
"I'm going next year too, and the year after that, and again," she told me, holding up three fingers. I was giggling at Amber's remark when I suddenly stopped. My smile faded for a moment as it dawned on me, once again, that I would never go to the prom. "Who needs prom," my mom's voice echoed through my mind, "it's boring, nobody knows how to dance even." When you think about it prom is silly. You buy $100+ dresses, some rent limos, show up at the school gym (or at the smokey bowling alley where the local school had it last year), and drink sticky red punch. This semester I have been so busy college classes, I haven't thought about social events or even friends. I don't think I've ever wanted the school year to be over this bad before. Between all the writing assignments and biology lectures, there is one thing that keeps me going: summer. I don't know about you guys, but I'm so ready for summer; and don't look now–it's almost here. *Names have been changed for privacy purposes; Inspiring Today is a new biweekly muse on BLT that will feature a short chapter in my own personal life as well as announcements and other news on BLT.


Lost in a Book said...

I can't wait for summer, either. I'm graduating this May so this semester feels like it's taking forever! But I am a little nervous, too, because once summer comes it means I have to decide what I'm going to do with the rest of my life!

Laina said...

Eh. None of the schools I ever went to had proms or homecoming or anything like that, so I don't really get the big draw.

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