Friday, February 12, 2010

Survey Question Stats

Remember when I asked those survey questions on my last anniversary contest form? Well here's the results (finally)! Thanks to all who took the time to answer the questions:

USA or International Resident?
This was actually not a survey question in way. I put this question on the contest form because I was wondering if anyone not living within the United States would be interested in entering a contest that you had to pay shipping for the book to be sent to them. Only one person was interested in doing this. I've seen this done before on other blogs and they seemed to have good feedback with this idea. The contest was not just for one book, but three so I thought it would be a pretty good deal for those living over the pond? Does anyone else have ideas about including international readers in contests without it being super expensive?

What Do You Want to See More Of on BLT?
50% said "More Contests".
Of course everybody wants more contests--including myself. I think BLT's next goal would be to hold a contest every month. I can't promise immediate progress, but I'll see what I can cook up.....
38% said "More Reviews a Week"
More reviews? Hey, that's what I want too! Unfortunately your wish is not under my command. Who's command? Some school textbooks' command that's who! Another goal for BLT comin' right up.
35% & 35% said "More Participation in Memes" & "More Book/Author News"
More memes? Now that I can do. BLT already has a few memes of its own: Monday Muse, Book Gorge, Sunday Spotlight, etc., but I've been wondering whether or not to participate in some of the community memes like "Teaser Tuesday" for example. Anybody know of some other neat memes to do?
I definitely want to get a Author News meme going here on BLT. The YA Connection featured on The Story Siren takes three people just to put it together, so of course I'm going to need some help. Anybody interested in doing this together? (Probably post about this again)
15% said "Discussions on Book/YA topics" & 8% said "Non-book related stuff"
What do you think of Twilight? Which topics should not be in YA? These are just some of the discussions topics I've seen around the blogosphere. Only a few chose this one on the survey, but I still think this is a good idea for the blog.
Non-book related things? Hmmm, maybe not yet. I'm not really good at posting stuff about myself, so lets keep it on books for now.

Guest Posts, Interviews, or Both?
56% said "Both"; 26% preferred "author interviews"; and 19% said "author guest posts"
I think I'm going to go with featuring both, but I'm glad I got to see who liked what better.

Thanks again to those who took the survey questions!


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L. Diane Wolfe said...

Waiting on Wednesday, Friday Finds... there are a lot of memes out there.
Interesting results!

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