Friday, May 29, 2009

Hot Off the Press (9)

Wondering what's comin' out this week? Look no farther, "Hot Off the Press" is your official guide to all the new YA fiction. "Hot Off the Press" is featured weekly or whenever new books are comin' off the press....

Looks like we have two swashbuckling adventures, a Elizabeth Scott novel, a robbery, and some nice stuff for tween girls! All these books came out May 26th. Any of 'em sound interesting to you?

For Tweens:

Also Known as Harper by Ann Haywood Leal 
Franny Parker by Hannah Roberts McKinnon
Highway Robbery by Kate Thompson 

For Teens (YA):
Peril on the Sea by Michael Cadnum 
(Cadnum writes lots of high seas adventures and for the younger people, Iain Lawrence wrote several books about pirates.)
Love You Hate You Miss You by Elizabeth Scott
Bad Company by Mike Walker  (modern day pirate story)

(Oops! Forgot this one!) See No Evil by Jamila Gavin

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