Tuesday, April 7, 2009

In My Mailbox (1)

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Over the past few months I have been on the blog-o-sphere, I've noticed that almost every book blog features "In My Mailbox" (at least once a week) and I must say I feel a bit left out. So, I am proud to announce I have joined the fun and will be featuring "In My Mailbox" every time I get a whoppin' stack of books-which could be every three weeks since when I do go to the library, I go crazy and get like ten books! See? Just talking about the library makes me excited! (Hence the run-on sentence.)

Library Load

I went to the library yesterday and got eight books. After I got home (and after my library adrenaline rush was over) I realized why the librarian kept giving me weird looks and why the people behind me had their mouths open. Yeah, I admit it, I probably got too many books..... oh well :)
Okay, so maybe eight books to you isn't something to freak out about, but where I live, if you check out more than two books, you're considered a major bookworm. Imagine the stares I get when I check out eight. Everyone probably thinks I'm a total nerdball..... except for that nice guy at the library who always says "Have a nice day" and actually smiles when he hands me back my library card. At least somebody around this illiterate dump understands.

Here we have:

Cathy's Book & Cathy's Key by Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman 
The Spell & The Deceived (Forbidden Doors series #2 and #3) by Bill Myers

In My Mailbox

This book I received for review:


Madeline said...

You definietly have me beat! I thought I was doing good getting four books at the same time...I guess I have a new record to set :D.

I haven't gotten any weird looks but I'm sure if I got eight at the same time I would get some comments and stares, and of course no matter how many I check out the guy always says "have a nice day".

Laina said...

Eight is a ton??? I've checkout out twenty or thirty at once. (Two library cards at my disposal - MUHWAHAHAHAH!!! [Evil laugh])

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