Thursday, February 19, 2009

A Countess Below Stairs by Eva Ibbotson

Ann is a countess. Or was until the Russian Revolution. Now the remaining Grazinsky family live penniless in England.
Ann decides to take a job as a servant in the house of the Earl of Westerholme. She must hide her aristocratic past and try to desperately fit into the "downstairs" life.
When Rupert, the Earl, makes plans to marry the beautiful but wicked Muriel Hardwicke, the household of Mersham is in deep trouble. Will Mersham, as well as the county be spared the cruelty of Miss Hardwicke? And will things ever be the same for Russia's "Little Star"?

The Review

At first I was a bit wary about reading this book because the reviews went on and on about how she falls in love with the Earl, Rupert. A Countess Below Stairs is actually a story about: Mersham and its whimsical characters; a cruel and deceitful wealthy heiress; a war-torn Earl; a few loony cousins; and a countess desperately trying to pose as a housemaid.

I really liked the characters and found myself laughing out loud at Anna, the handsome Prince Sergei, and the story of Pupkin (the dachshund who swallowed a diamond).

I loved A Countess Below Stairs because it's not your average gooey love story. The characters are unique and Anna was quite hilarious-I kept rooting for Anna to tell everyone she was a Duchess.

Some people might say it's too much of a fairy tale story, but who doesn't like a happily-ever-after?

Rating: 5 stars Pages: 400 Year Pub.:2007 Level: YA Fiction: Historical

Time Period: World War I This Book Is For: Girls

Recommend? Yes


Anonymous said...

Thanks Morgan for telling me about this site...I am loving it so far :)
And I am looking forward to reading this book ;)

Denise said...

I finally got to read this book for a second time, and absolutely loved it. I believe that it's a book I can read again and again!

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