Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I'm Off To College: How This Will Effect My Blog

I am going to college. When I first started BLT I was just finishing my sophomore year of high two years later, here is the big transaction. 
For the past few weeks I have been moving, packing, unpacking, and moving some more. I now have an apartment just a block away from the university and full-time schedule of classes. How will this effect my blog and book reading? Probably quite a bit. Not sure how busy I will be yet but if it was anything like last fall, then I more or less won't be posting but maybe a few times a month. I plan to take my some of my books with me–mostly unread ones. I bought a bookshelf so I'm sure I'll start a collection over there too. By all means I don't plan on abandoning my blog and if even if you only hear from me occasionally, I hope you'll continue to read my reviews, comment, and keep following me.

What am I studying in college? Graphic design and possibly Marketing. Someday I'd like to either have my own graphic design business or work in the art department in a publishing house (or both!). Everything officially starts August 15th...good luck to all the other book bloggers who are also starting college this year as well. Happy reading!


Taschima Cullen said...

How will college affect your reading and blogging time? Get ready for the change of your life :S I used to post daily before I left for college, now I post 2 or 3 times a week maybe, and read even less. College is hard, and it will take your complete focus.

Im a sophmore this year at college, managed to survive last year and only read about 50 books.

Good luck!!

My WoW for Today ^^

Helen's Book Blog said...

Have a fantastic time in college... it's just so different from the past 13 years of school. I hope you are challenged, take risks, make fantastic new friends, read good books, and live the experience to its fullest

Unknown said...

Have fun at college! I'll be there next year; I'm college touring this summer. :)

Ondrej from Top Ten Books said...

Don't worry about it, the fact is that people on college probably have most free time they'll ever have in their lives...

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