Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Novel Idea Giveaway: Celebrating Two Years

Books and Literature for Teens (BLT) has been online since February 19, 2009–I'm celebrating two years! To give back to my fellow readers who have been reading my posts for over *two years*, I'm hosting a big event to say thank you and to giveaway some great books by some awesome authors. So without further ado...what are you waiting for? ENTER!
*Click on the pictures above for a complete view of books up for grabs (right) and the official poster/flyer (left).
.Entry Rules.
  • If you're reading this, then you're on the right track!
You can do this by clicking the "follow" button to left which allows you to get updates via Google reader, by entering your email address to get email updates (which is best if you don't blog), or by subscribing via feeds.
  • Provide mailing address (with parent's permission if you under 13 yrs.)
.Giveaway Info.
  • FOUR WINNERS - 1st person will get their pick, 2nd person will get their pick and so on
  • US RESIDENTS can enter only
  • We have a total of EIGHT BOOKS up for grabs–there is a possibility it could grow!
  • DEADLINE: April 2, 2011, est 12 am May 2nd, 2011, EST 12 am
.Extra Points Anyone?.
You may earn extra points by doing the following:
  • SPREADING THE WORD via blogging OR by printing off a flyer and giving it your local library or book club. 
  • To print off the official poster/flyer, please CLICK HERE. On google docs: go to File>Print PDF. If you have trouble with printing, please email me and I'll send you a pdf file.
  • A total of 2-5 extra entries will be rewarded to anyone who participates in promoting

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