Monday, February 14, 2011

Dark Life by Kat Falls (Guest Reviewer)

Dive deep into the vivid underwater world of Dark Life! The oceans rose, swallowing the lowlands. Earthquakes shattered the continents, toppling entire regions into the rising water. Now, humans live packed into stack cities. The only ones with any space of their own are those who live on the ocean floor: the Dark Life. Ty has spent his whole life living deep undersea. When outlaws attack his homestead, he finds himself in a fight to save the only home he has ever known. Joined by Gemma, a girl from Topside, Ty ventures into the frontier's rough underworld and discovers some dark secrets to Dark Life. Secrets that threaten to destroy everything.

Because of the sea rising, people are packed into cities on what remains of the land. Ty and his family are settlers who live on the ocean floor where they have a farm. When a school of carnivorous fish chases Ty onto a submarine, he meets a “Topsoiler” girl named Gemma who is looking for her brother. Before they can even leave the sub, they have a run-in with a band of outlaws called the SeaBlite gang. With the threat of the outlaws hanging over them, Ty’s parents start to think about moving out of the ocean, leaving everything Ty loves.
When I picked up this book, I didn’t expect it to be very good. For one thing, I’ve read a few books that were pretty preachy about global warming. I had also read another book about the oceans rising and it hadn’t been very good. When I started reading Dark Life, it didn’t take me long to realize I’d been wrong. The way the author described the ocean made me want to go to the ocean and dive in. Zoe, Ty’s little sister, was so realistic it seemed like she was going to jump out of the book. I could easily relate to Ty, who, like me, likes wide open spaces rather than cities.
I appreciated the fact that the author kept the book pretty clean and didn’t bog it down with lots of bad language like some young adult books I’ve read. Overall, it was a great book with a cool twist that made the ending really good.
Recommendation:  It’s a great book for anyone who will read this genre.

This Book is For: Girls and guys who like action, adventure, and oceans
This Book is Not For: People who don’t like science fiction or action

Content: Some peril and in one case, there is a lot of blood found but there’s nothing too graphic.

|Pages: 304|Published: May 2010|Publisher: Scholastic press|
|Price: $11:55 |Genre: science fiction|Series: Dark Life bk. 1|
|Content: PG|Age Group: 10+|
|Enjoyed It: 5/5|Content Rating: 5/5|Cover: 4/5|Overall: 5/5

Special thanks to "Rebel Rider" for sharing her review!

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