Monday, January 31, 2011

Forge by Laurie Halse Anderson

In this stunning sequel to the National Book Award Finalist Chains, Isabel and Curzon are once again faced with a trial of survival and must continue their fight for freedom admits the backdrop of our country’s War for Independence. As the tale unfolds this time from Curzon’s perspective, Anderson takes us on a journey to the Revolution’s most famous battle of will, Valley Forge. Enduring the harsh winter as an escaped slave, Curzon must learn to fight his fears and find the strength to hope.

Following events and important figures throughout America’s Revolutionary War, the thrilling story of two young, runaway slaves is not the only thing makes Forge a unique book. Readers will marvel at how Anderson has brought history to life and has shown us little known facts about our nation’s beginnings.
In the first novel, our heroine Isabel takes us to the streets of New York City where some of the first battles for freedom began. In Forge however, Anderson lets us follow the events through a new set of eyes. Curzon is an interesting character voice that differs from Isabel not only because it’s from a young man’s point of view, but from a solider’s as well. In this second installation to the Seeds of America series, Curzon gives us an even more gruesome and realistic look into the time period, war, and   the hardships of a slave. As a big fan of historical fiction, I absolutely loved reading both Chains and Forge; I believe Anderson gives great insight on what was going on (rather than just the war) during 1777-78. Anderson is truly a gifted writer.
Recommendation: Readers of all ages will become absorbed in Anderson’s captivating and well researched novel of early American life and slavery. Living up to its expectations, Forge will not disappoint. Recommend to ages 12 and up.

Content: Violence and graphic images (PG)

|Pages: 281|Published: October 2010|Publisher: Atheneum|
|Genre: Historical fiction, Revolutionary War, middle grade|
|Age Group: Middle grade/YA ages 12+|Price: $16.99|
|Content Rating: 4/5|Enjoyed It: 5/5|Cover: 5/5|
|Overall Rating:|

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Helen's Book Blog said...

I have heard such good things about this book and Chains. My daughter is currently reading Fever 1793 aloud to me. Laurie Halse Anderson is just so good!

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