Saturday, December 11, 2010

I'm Still Alive...Barely

Let's see, last post was Oct. 4th, last review was on Sept. 24th... ah, that's like over two months of no reading :( I happen to have a good excuse (thank goodness) for my sudden disappearance. 

  • My algebra and psychology teachers kidnapped me. They held me for ransom (which by the way, never came) and kept me in a cardboard box where they forced me to learn linear equations and write theories on personality disorders. I actually just managed to escape. It wasn't fun.
You don't believe me? Don't worry, you will when you start college.
Yep, instead of the normal ho-hum high school scene this year, I decided to go ahead and try being a full-time student at my local community college for my senior year. A mistake? No I wouldn't say that but I am super glad I have one last semester before I get to the "big leagues" of my education experience. While I was gone, I missed reading and blogging. I'm looking forward to sharing some reviews with you soon so stay tuned :)

1 comment:

wdebo said...

Haha. Welcome back =]

Oh that's so cool!! What's it like studying at the community college...I really wished I did something like that this year...that would have been cool. But senior year is so darn stressful >.<

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