Friday, August 27, 2010

The Nightmarys by Dan Poblocki

Timothy July has a secret. And it’s giving him nightmares. Abigail Tremens has a problem. Her nightmares are haunting her…while she is awake. When they team up for a school project, they don’t realize that Abigail’s past and Timothy’s present are making them the target of a terrible curse. A curse that turns their worst fears to reality. But their fears are just the beginning. The curse stems from a strange artifact that gains strength by devouring a human soul. And it needs to feed again. Dan Poblocki (author of The Stone Child) has written another bone-chilling page-turner to give you goose bumps. It’s the kind of book best read on a bright afternoon…which may keep your own nightmares at bay.
From the author of The Stone Child comes another suspenseful and eerie story of how fear can control and haunt our minds. The Nightmarys is Poblocki's best book yet... perhaps a bit more scarier even. From the very first to the final page, The Nightmarys is sure to entice readers and leave them anxious for more.
Poblocki starts out with an unsuspecting and chilling event that sets the entire dilemma into play. I like that it "cuts to the chase" if you will and the whole story is very eventful–there's never a dull moment. I also love how mystery or horror books always play a big part in Poblocki's novels. In the Stone Child, the protagonist must locate the whereabouts of a missing horror writer and in The Nightmarys, the story unfolds as Timothy and Abigail follow clues in book as well. Nathaniel Olmstead, the missing writer from The Stone Child, is also mentioned in The Nightmarys so be sure to keep an eye out for this important reference. 
The story takes place in a small seaside town in Massachusetts that has some terrifying, dark secrets. Told in three parts, The Nightmarys is a great thriller for young adults or, for the young at heart. Poblocki has great potential and I think either one of his books deserve much more recognition.

I'm not a die-hard horror or even mystery novel fan but I have to admit I really enjoy reading Poblocki's books even though they do creep me out a bit. Even if–while you're reading The Nightmarys–objects seem to move out of the corner of your eye or you keep thinking the Nightmarys are going to appear at the foot of your bed, rest assure, Poblocki's characters always triumph over evil. With this said, and a fair warning included, if you're looking for an exciting book with a chilling edge, The Nightmarys is for you! I absolutely can not wait for another scary adventure...
➔The Nightmarys is now out in bookstores near you!
Recommendation: Looking for something that goes bump in the night? Recommended for ages 12+

This Book is For: Those who like "scary" stories 
This Book is Not For: Those who, well, don't like the paranormal

Content: Scary images and gore (PG)

The Last Straw: Passage from a random page [147]:
Small, shiny black eyes stared out from a pale, hairless, and doughy face. Terrified Stuart grabbed a glass of water off the nightstand and flung it into the corner of the room. It shattered above the figure's head, but the thing did not move, or even respond. It only continued to watch him.

|Pages: 325|Publisher: Random House|Published: August 2010|
|Genre: Suspense, Paranormal, Horror|Price: Hard. $15.99|
|Age Group: Ages 12+|Content: PG|
|Enjoyed It: 4/5|Content: 3/5|Cover: 5/5|
|Overall: 4/5|


David Wynn said...

Delightful. The opening scene was a terrific jolt. After that, things tamed a bit. But Dan has created two wonderful main characters, and given them a joyride of an adventure. "The Stone Child" felt like a blatant tribute to Bellairs and Strickland. "Nightmarys" establishes Poblocki's writing on its own merit.

Bookish in a Box said...

Wow, this sounds creepy! I'll have to make sure and read it when the house is full of people. :-D

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