Monday, August 23, 2010

My New Bookshelf

I mention a couple of weeks ago that I had been busy installing something to do with "books and wood". Yep, you guessed it... I have a new bookshelf. Check it out:
I have more stuff on the shelves now, but this was taken after I sorted through all of my books. I still have plenty of room for more!
Some of my books... do you recognize any? Click on the picture to zoom in.

My pirate book collection and my one of my porcelain dolls, Alice.
A very interesting and pretty version of Pride and Prejudice!



Brooke T said...

Woah! That looks awesome!!

Helen Ellis said...

Love the new bookshelf. May favorite part: lots of empty space to fill with new books. You are smart and handy. A winning combination!
Thanks for sharing,

Katie said...

Love the shelves. I can't think of anything better than organizing bookshelves (I am a librarian : ) )

Anonymous said...

So pretty! They look amazing. :)

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