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And Then I Found Out the Truth by Jennifer Sturman + GIVEAWAY

WARNING! This review is of the sequel to And Then Everything Unraveled and may contain spoilers!

Jennifer Sturman's YA debut, And Then Everything Unraveled, really surprised me. It appeared to be a simple, summery beach read but there was more to the book than that. It had depth, an exciting story, and a mystery that was very intricate. By the end of the book, I was eager to find out what happened to Delia and her mother. When I was able to review And Then I Found Out the Truth, I had high expectations that it would all end with a big bang or an exciting ending. I did get a unexpected ending, but the rest of the book was slow, especially when dealing with the mystery. I guess Sturman didn't have much mystery plot left so a lot of things unrelated to Delia's mystery dilemma were added. It was fine for awhile but I was ready move to back onto the focal point of the story. The last couple chapters were rushed and though everything turned out peachy, I just thought And Then I Found Out the Truth didn't live up to the previous book.
Delia and Quinn's relationship definitely steps up a notch and was prominent throughout the novel. I think they made a cute couple even though Quinn seemed a little too perfect at times. Delia's a good heroine but I did get a little irritated at her for thinking Quinn would break-up with her. The humor was also lacking if you compare it to the first book. Delia's aunt Charlie was the most fun character and she seemed distant in Unraveled since her sense of humor and life was everywhere in the first book. I still didn't like the idea of the physic being involved in the case against the oil company–it made everything come together all too conveniently. Overall, even though I didn't enjoy it as much as would have hoped (nor did it live up to its big sister book), if you read the first novel, you have to read this one to find out what becomes of Delia, Quinn, the oil company's dangerous minions, snooty and suspicious Thad, Detective Rafe, Auntie Charlie, and of course, the Flying Monkeys.
Recommendation: Again, you gotta read it to find out what happens to everyone! Ages 12+
This Book is For: Teens who enjoy a little mystery and romance.
This Book is Not For: Teens who are hard-core mystery novel fans–you might get bored

Content: Some mild sensuality. Appropriate for ages 12-13 and up. (PG)

The Last Straw: A teaser from the book:
"You are checking in, yes?" the guy asked as I caught up with him in the entryway.
He wasn't much older than me, with friendly brown eyes. A brass nameplate above his breast pocket identified him as Manuel.

|Pages: 262|Published: July 2010|Publisher: Point|
|Genre: Contemporary fiction, mystery, teen romance|
|Content: Age appropriate (PG)|Age Group: 12+|
|Enjoyed It: 3/5|Content: 4/5|Cover: 4/5|

{Jennifer Sturman YA Mystery Giveaway}
Up for grabs is a hardcover copy of And Then I Found Out the Truth, the new paperback edition of And Then Everything Unraveled, and finally a magic 8 ball keychain. If you haven't read either of Jennifer Sturman's YA books, this is the perfect chance to get both! Good luck and happy reading :)

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Maddz said...

I just entered! Awesome contest! I haven't read these books, but they sound wonderful! I hope I win! *Crosses fingers*

Liz @ Cleverly Inked said...

I am new to this Author. It's seems like an awesome set of books.

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