Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alison Dare Blog Tour + Interview

Ever hesitated before picking up a graphic novel? Don't think twice with Alison Dare! Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures and Alison Dare and the Heart of the Maiden were great graphic novels for first timers–or at least I thought they were. I never thought graphic novels could be so much fun! Alison's world is a cross between Indiana Jones and Superman. I also loved the comedy and the sense of adventure that built with every page. The characters are great: you have Alison, her two "sidekicks" Dot and Wendy, her Archeologist mother, superhero father, the twins, and her mysterious uncle (who never shows his face!) who always comes to the rescue and never–might I add–ceased to surprise with his vast array of spy-proof disguses. If you've never tried a graphic novel, pick up a copy of one of the Alison Dare books (I'd highly recommend Alison Dare Little Miss Adventures), or recommend to your library today for their summer reading program!

Recommendation: Yes! Buy or borrow these fun comics!
This Book is For: All ages.

The Last Straw: Check out these pictures I snapped from inside the books:
Alison, Wendy, & Dot
"May I pay with a debit card?"

PS. I was suppose to share some pictures I snapped of Alison Dare exploring my room, but I forget to transfer them to my laptop (I'm on a trip right now). Sorry about that.

Interview with J. Torres

What made you want to write graphic novels/comic books?

I’ve always loved reading comics whether in the newspaper or magazine or book form.  I used to draw a lot too, inspired by what I read. Somewhere along the way I decided to focus on writing.

Which comic books did you enjoy reading as a kid?

In grade school it was Tintin and Asterix, some Disney and Gold Key stuff. DC Digests and Archie digests too. Later in high school, it was X-Men and Teen Titans. Eventually, I discovered “indy comics” like Elfquest and Nexus.

Favorite comic book character?

I don’t think I can choose just one. Batman is definitely up there, though.

How did you come up with the idea for Alison Dare? Any inspirations?–I notice a lot of things to do with Egyptology.

I wanted to do the kind of adventure and mystery book that I enjoyed reading as a kid but in a comic book. Books like Hardy Boys, Nancy Drew, Encyclopedia Brown, etc. I was also a big fan of the Jonny Quest cartoon and of course comics like Tintin. Indiana Jones is another obvious influence, and I think I was playing the Tomb Raider video game a lot at the time.

Do you have a favorite character in the Alison Dare series? (Mine's Wendy)

I’d probably say the Blue Scarab because he’s a super and a dad. Like me. Yes, I’m a superhero. Shh…

Will we be seeing more of Alison Dare soon? If so, could you give us a teaser about her next adventure?

We’re just starting to talk about new material. I’m not sure when it will happen. But if I have my way, we’re taking Alison to Asia . Possibly China . Maybe Japan. Or Korea .



www.jtorresonline.blogspot.com or follow the tour at Talking with Tundra.


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