Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Waiting on Wednesday (4)

I haven't actually read a graphic novel because I was never really interested in them. When I found The Sons of Liberty, I guess something finally sparked my interest.
The Sons of Liberty #1
by Alexander & Joseph Lagos
Two runaway slave children, GRAHAM and BRODY, are left for dead along the banks of Pennsylvania's Schuylkill River, where they are discovered and rescued by world famous inventor/scientist BEN FRANKLIN.  Concerned for their safety, Franklin delivers the boys to an old hermit named BENJAMIN LAY in the north woods of Philadelphia. Soon thereafter, a secret so shocking is revealed that the lives of all those who come into contact with them may never be the same.  Sheltered from the outside world, and molded by the opposing philosophies of Franklin and Lay, Graham and Brody come of age at the time of the Revolutionary War and must decide whether or not to fight for a new nation and an ideal that does not include them.  THE SONS OF LIBERTY unleashes the power and epic struggle of two masked vigilantes who take a stand against injustice and tyranny at home and abroad in a totally original super-powered adventure - where true history meets fantasy.

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Nina said...

I like the cover of this book!

Anonymous said...

You should see the rest of it! Great read, awesome art.

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