Saturday, March 13, 2010

Movie Mayhem: Dog Days of Summer

You asked for it, you got it! Movie reviews are here to stay on BLT! After submitting a poll asking if anyone would like to see movie reviews, I got a pretty good response: 11 voted "yes", 2 voted "no". And as a repeat of the result poll post, they are just short movie reviews. Don't worry, movie aren't going to take over this book blog :) Movie reviews will be reviewed in the same fashion; rating scale is the same, as well as the recommended age group list I usually include in all of my book reviews. Oh, poo. Here I am gabbing about of this stuff you already know! Just read the review and see what you think.  

Dog Days of Summer (2007; NR)

Synopsis: Returning one last time to his now deserted hometown of Edenton, Phil Walden recounts the bewitching summer that changed his life, and the town, forever. When Eli Cottonmouth, a curious stranger with a mysterious hobby, rode into town that summer, he sends the town and Phil on a topsy-turvy summer they will never forget. From the produces of The Ultimate Gift, comes a story of dark secrets, lies, and truth from a suspenseful and intriguing point of view.
Review: Although most people say it's a "coming-of-age" story, there's a lot more to it than that. A message, perhaps, of what things–no matter how "perfect" or covered-up they may seem–might look like to a total stranger. From the minute the venomous and eerie Eli Cottonmouth appears on the scene, driving an old car and bringing with him a miniature flea circus, the story begins to slowly unravel, and the town along with it. Phil is just a boy during most of the story and spends his time sleeping-over at his friend Jackson's house and listening to stories of the Two-Legged Alligator Man who lives in the swamps. When Phil and Jackson agree to take pictures for Eli, the people of Edenton are taken to a whole different level. Things happen right and left and towards the climax of the story–BAM–you realize what Eli is really up to.
As eerie as it may seem, Dog Days of Summer is actually a whimsical story and very well composed. The producers are independent and quite young, but inexperienced? Oh, no. I think they did an excellent job and I hope they continue to make more movies. The acting was great as well. The boys were pros and Will Patton was absolutely perfect as playing Eli Cottonmouth.
Overall, I'd have to say I would recommend watching this movie. First thoughts might be that it's depressing or weird, but if you understand the portrayed message at the end, the movie will seem like a very cunning masterpiece. Oh, yeah, and that Two-Legged Alligator Man was.....[gulp] kind of scary.

|Running Time: 88 minutes (1 hr. 28 min.)|NR|*
|For Kids Ages|10 +|
|Content: Some violence and scary or disturbing scenes|
*Even though it was Not Rated yet, I could defiantly see it being PG

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