Sunday, January 10, 2010

In My Mailbox (16) or It Was a Good Shoe Week :)

The Morning Gift by Eva Ibbotson (from book swap)
The Amanda Project by Stella Lennon (library)

Not many books this week, but lots of shoes. Shoes? Yes, boots to be more specific. It all started Sunday when I went to this giant antique/second-hand warehouse where I got the coolest looking black-lacquered leather shoes. Guess what? They are designers too! I've been calling them my steampunk (like the book genre) shoes because they're kinda Victorian era meets the army. Then, on Monday I got my boots I ordered from Sketchers--which I absolutely love. Hey, would you guys like to see some picture of my steampunk shoes? Lately I've been wondering if you guys might enjoy hearing about some non-book related stuff. How does that sound?

Also I've been thinking about featuring a few movie reviews every once in awhile when I a new/good movie pops up on my TV. If you'd like to see a few movie reviews on BLT vote in the poll-box on the sidebar. If not, vote no. Hope you had a great week......



Unknown said...

Yay! its book is very cool!! But, in Spain is imposible read. :(

Monster of Books said...

Love the "The Morning Gift" Cover. Happy Reading this week :)

Unknown said...

That's so fun. Shoes, books, what joy! I'm looking forward to your review of Morning Gift. I've only read one book by Eva Ibbotson. I need to read more.

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