Monday, January 11, 2010

CONTST UPDATE: Calling All Canadian and International Residents

After some consulting and some scheming (hehe), I've decided to make my Anniversary Giveaway Bash open to Canadian and international residents! Hooray! What you will have to do though, in order to enter, is agree to pay for shipping. All that you have to do is send me a international money order (must have 9 digits to be legal) and after the money has cleared into the banking account, I'll pack your books and send them strait to you. To give you an idea what shipping costs, here are some links to the US Postal Service International Price Calculator:
(Priority Mail Inter. Flat Rate Box Small)
Canada - $11.45
Australia - $13.45
Great Britain - $13.45

I will ship to any country whether it's Spain, Mexico, or China, just make sure you promptly send out the money order (and correct amount). Always remember that the contest books are written in English. Hope to see you over-the-ponders entering my contests. Have a questions about this? Email me at


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