Friday, January 22, 2010

Blog & Giveaway Updates

~Blog Updates~
I can't believe all this time I never knew about Feedburner! All this time and I could have had email/eReader subscribers. Ugh. Could blogging get anymore complicated? Probably. Oh, well the problem is fixed so now EVERYONE can subscribe to BLT--not just follow via blogger. I guess I didn't realize that the only people who could "follow" and get updates were people who had blogger accounts. So now, those who can't or don't follow my blog can now subscribe via email or ereader! Yay! I also discovered MailChimp a free/pay program that allows you to create some awesome newsletters! Here's what BLT will now offer subscribing wise:

  • Follow via Blogger
  • Subscribe via eReader
  • Subscribe via email
  • Subscribe to my monthly newsletter
You will find the subscribing links in my sidebar to left.

~Giveaway Updates~
Since my discovery of Feedburner my contest will also be affected. Now, subscribers can participate as well. I still need 63 followers/subscribers to giveaway a second batch of books plus a special prize to the 200th follower/subscriber!! Click here to enter my giveaway.


Mollie said...

I've been able to follow via Google Reader!

Cindy said...

an award for you:

Anonymous said...

Glad that you found that out :D Better late than never ;D.


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