Friday, December 11, 2009

Inspiring Today: New Bloggers & The Cullen Song

Confessions of a Book Junkie (visit)
About: What makes Jamie's book blog of 4 months is that she has a wide variety of taste and anything's bound to pop up on her blog! She also hosts a meme called Whatcha Readin' Saturday where you can share what you're reading or going to read next.
Recent Posts: The Blind Side, Shadow Riders, and Shiver.

Escape Route No. 2 (visit)
About: For Audrey, reading is her second escape. She writes extremely honest books reviews and what I can gather from her blog, she likes paranormal/fantasy YA!
Recent Posts: Wondrous Strange, Ballad, Wicked Lovely.

Flashlight (The Cullen Song) - Eleventyseven
I found this song oh, about a month ago and I've been meaning to share it with you guys! The song is about a guy who dressed up as Edward Cullen for a Holloween party (that he's not invited to). I think it's hilarious and plus, I like Eleventyseven's lyrics.



Audrey said...

Thanks for the feature!!!

wdebo said...

Thanks for showing off these new's always nice to discover new blogs :D

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