Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Cathy's Ring by Sean Stewart & Jordan Weisman

[Sorry no synopsis here--unless you've read Book 1 and 2 it will spoil the story!]
The Cathy's Book series is a pretty good action packed/paranormal story of two teenage girls who solve a secret that could cost them their lives. Cathy's boyfriend, Victor is pretty much the target of Book 1, while Book 2, introduces several new characters....including a whopping surprise about Cathy's deceased father. In Cathy's Ring, it's more about Cathy and is shorter and more serious than the other two books. Although there were a few loose ends when I finished the last page--like what happened to Denny and Jewel--the sudden ending suited the pace of the story perfectly. I think the Cathy's Book series would make really cool movies. Jackie Chan could be Cathy's father or something.
The drawings in this book were awesome--again; and once more my favorite character was Pete because he's always the optimistic computer geek. There was no "proof" (little photos and nick-knacks in the front of the book) because it was from the library and they take all that stuff out [sniff], but I still had a great time reading this final installment! If you'd like to read this series, be sure to pick up Cathy's Book or if you'd like to read my review on Cathy's Book and Cathy's Key, please go here.
I hope Sean Stewart and Jordan Weisman come up with another series--they are really good at creating action-packed stories!

|Pages: 149|Year Published: 2009|Publisher: Running Press|
|Genre: Fantasy/Paranormal fiction, action & adventure, romance|
|Age Group: YA, ages 14+|Content: Some language, violence, & sensuality|
|Enjoyed It: 4/5|Content Rating: 3/5|Cover: 4/5|



Anonymous said...

Nona loves this series. I had no idea book three was out. Thanks for the heads-up.

Anonymous said...

Never mind - I knew about this one. Some days...

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