Thursday, September 24, 2009

Breathless by Jessica Warman

When Katie Kitrell is shipped off to boarding school by her distant father and overbearing mother, it doesn’t take her long to become part of the It Crowd. She’s smart, she’s cute, and she’s an Olympic-bound swimmer who has a first class ticket to any Ivy League school of her choice. But what her new friends, roommate, and boyfriend don’t know is that Katie is swimming away from her past, and from her schizophrenic older brother, Will, who won’t let her go. And when he does the unthinkable, it’s all Katie can do to keep her head above water. - book jacket


Breathless is an extremely emotional, edgy memoir-like story about a girl who's brother is mentally ill and frankly, it's a not worth the eye strain. If the topic doesn't make you sick, then the characters will. Katie is filled with anger for her parents and is deeply embarrassed by her brother. All katie wanted was attention and since her parents were never around, her brother should have been there. But he wasn't. Will is a complete mess and constantly finds ways to try to kill himself. After Katie is sent away to a prestigious boarding school, she experiences even more messes.
The entire book covers Katie's last three years of high school where she manages to become the swim captain, cheats on her boyfriend, and finally forgives her parents.
Breathless is all over the place and there is no definite plot. I really disliked how Warman referred to drinking, smoking pot, etc. as "normal teenage stuff". Define normal again for me please?
I can't figure out why you would want to go and publish a book about nothing but junk for teenagers! We have to deal with this kinda of stuff in everyday life and you want us to go and read about it too? No thanks.

All in all, Breathless may sounds like a "good" read, but it is not. It's full of sad, depressing things and I would not recommend to teenagers or even adults.

Read: 311 Year Published: August 2009 Publisher: Walker
Genre: Contemporary, teen romance, drama
Content: Teen drinking, drug references,some sexual situations, and
Enjoyed It:1/5 Rating: 1/5



~The Book Pixie said...

I've heard similar opinions about this book from other people. I haven't read it yet myself but it is on my list. I'll probably still read it just because I am one of those people who has to figure out things the hard way. :P I really appreciate the honesty. Atleast now I can't say I wasn't warned and I know not to hold any high expectations for it. I do agree with you on authors casually writing about drugs and alcohol like they are 'normal teen stuff'. I hate it when they do that. Thats one reason I love Ellen Hopkins. She is so honest and recognizes drinking and drugs as problems among teens. Not just something you do.


Anonymous said...

hey sirr, ive read this, its actually a pretty good book, have YOU ever read it? no , so you know what dont be putting this book down, yeah its a little sad but theres more sad books out there, so please dont jugde a book by its cover ,


Morgan @ BLT said...

Um, okay. So you liked it, but I did read the book....if I didn't a review wouldn't be posted here!

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