Monday, August 17, 2009

Back to School

Welp it's back to school for me! Now, not only will I have my face stuck in a novel, but school books as well......Algebra II, geometry, geography, physics, English 102 (college level), and American literature (my favorite subject, if you haven't already guessed).
And I thought my sophomore was busy.

BLT wishes you a great school year and keep up the reading!
School Year To-Do List:
* Read Shakespeare
*Start a book club
*Complete a short story!!



Madeline said...

I start today too. Best of luck with Algebra II I'm taking it as well :).

wdebo said...

Have FUNN!!!! :) School starts in September for us.

Jamie said...

Dropping by from The Story Siren's Fresh Face Friday post....On my to do list is to read some Jane Austen.

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