Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Summer Thrills & Chills Contest

Want to be a part of Summer Thrills & Chills?
Summer Chills & Thrills is a contest drive for suspense, mysery, thriller, and ghost story theme books.
If you're a fellow blogger and would like to participate in this contest, simply post about Summer Chills & Thrills on your blog, then link back here with Mr. Linky.
All book giveaways must be in the suspense, mystery, thriller, and ghost story genre. Contests can start anywhere between July 21-August 11th, but should end on August 11th.
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BLT's Contest for Summer Chills & Thrills

The books that BLT is giving away are (as seen in the video):

One copy of Shadowed Summer by Saundra Mitchell
One signed copy of Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman
(click on the links to see BLT's reviews)

There will be two winners, so please state which book you are interested in winning.

Leave comment telling us about something scary that happened to you. Please, no made up ghost stories.

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US residents only.

This contest ends Tuesday, August 11th, 12:00 AM EASTERN.



Anonymous said...

My mom has this friend on myspace and his mood said I can't my house because the police just told me a guy just killed his wife and keeping his kids hostage. So what do my mopm and I do, we drive over there to see the action. We see cop cars blocking the street, so we pull up this side street. All of a sudden this cop scares the crap out of us by jumping over to the car to tell us we can't keep driving. I look ahead and there are cops with their guns out lurking in the bushes. My heart is racing and my mom and I are scared to death. We pull away and think of how dumb we are. We live in a small town so that kind of thing doesn't happen. Turns out though the whole thing was just a misunderstanding so that was something scary that happened to me recently.
+2 follower of your blog

Lost in a Book said...

There used to be an abandoned record factory near my house (they recently tore it down) and one night my friends and I went out at night in my golf cart (classy, I know) and we heard a gate open and creak and it was the scariest thing ever!
+1 for following
+2 for posting on my blog jessloovesagoodstory.blogspot.com

wdebo said...

The Scariest thing that has ever happened to me, was probobly once when I got out from the bathroom I was going down the stairs, to well, our downstairs. [Haha I know I shouldn't have added that] when you face our stairs, behind you is my parent's bedroom, so for some strange reason, I turned around at that moment, and there was this creepy woman in this long white dress and long white hair and she was glowing, and I forgot, but I think she was either staring at my me or the tv, but I just SCREAMED and ran down the stairs. My parents later told me that it was probobly a light, but I don't belive them, it was horribly scary BRR.

+2 Added contest to sidebar


+2 Already a follower :)

Wdebo :)


Srry it took forever to get on!! Oh, and would you also like to join my contest ? :)

Kelsey said...

My scariest experience was probably when I was at my friend's sleepover and we were playing manhunt. I was hiding in the woods and I heard this creepy voice calling my name. I freaked out and ran back to my friends house. It turned out the guy's dogs name was Kelsey and he was calling it back inside. Still it scared me a lot!

I follow your blog [I just started] (+1)
I linked to your contest with the button (+2)

Both books look good, but I'd like Shadowed Summer. It doesn't matter though.


Jolynn_Reads said...

When I was 12, I dreamed our nieghbor died. I told my Mom about the dream. Then less then a week later he died!
I'm a follower. I have no blog.
Jolynn_Reads@ yahoodotcom

Lilixtreme said...

This actually just happened today, getting a text message from your best friend in the world saying that she's planning to end her life...and worrying until she finally calls back crying and saying she's okay.
+2 added button about the contest on my sidebar: http://lilibethramos.blogspot.com
+2 already a follower


mrsshukra said...

Please enter me for Shadowed Summer, thanks!

When I was a young girl, I saw an old lady going down our stairs while we were eating dinner. I never forgot that image but only I saw her....


mrsshukra said...



Shawna L. said...

Shawna Lewis

I am a follower ;o)

Anonymous said...

Acacia McMurtrey

I became a follower

Anonymous said...

Blair Lewis

I follow you

~The Book Pixie said...

One of the scariest moments in my life was when I went to work with my dad, who is a pilot, during a storm. My dad and I had looked at the radar before leaving and saw a storm system. Dad said we could just go around it. I was only around 7 years old so I was nervous, despite the fact that I had flown with my dad many times before. Well, after we got up and had been flying for a little while, we ran into the monster of a storm. My little hands were tightly gripping my seat belt and I was whispering a prayer. Then the plane drops atleast 5,000ft in a matter of seconds. I thought we were going to die. When we got to the airport in Columbia, we saw my dad's friend and his wife get off their plane. They didn't try going around the storm and Michelle's hair was literally standing up.

+2 Put button in sidebar here: http://thebookpixie.blogspot.com/
+2 Old follower

I would like to be entered for Skeleton Creek, please. Thanks for having such a great contest. :)


Kristen said...

I think one of the scariest moments of my life was the first winter I got my Honda Civic. It was New Years Eve and snowing like all heck. I'm a cautious driver, but there was a lot of snow and not many people out right after midnight (we left our party early). We turned on a major highway, 6 lanes long and I fishtailed. I was never good at remembering, so I turned the wheel the wrong way, breaking gently. We spun 360 degrees and my heart was beating so fast I thought I was going to die from it. My fiance (boyfriend at the time) seemed calmer than me. I remember turning to him and saying "God..." and watching the person yards behind me do the same thing. The rest of the drive home was fine though.

+1 New follower.
I'd like to be entered for Shadowed Summer.

Shooting Stars Mag said...

+2 already follow

I would be interested in Skeleton Creek as I have the other one.

Nothing scary has really happened to me. I normally just get those "I thought i saw something move past me" and that's creepy. I did live in a supposedly haunted house for about a mounth when I was little but nothing occured to me thank goodness!!!

lauren51990 AT aol DOT com

Anonymous said...

Shawna J Phillips

I would love Skeleton Creek

I am a follower
I subscribe to your RSS

I was 23 single with 2 small kids in my small city home on Gladstone Street. My Chow Chow Natashia is barking in the back room that dubs as a washroom/child's room. It's been going on for awhile now and I am on my way to see what all the fuss is over when I hear a Glass Shattering CRASH!!! I am now running and as I turn the corner I see the window is all broken and my Dog is now Over the small backyard fence.
I pick up both kids and go into the living room to call the Police. I wait and while waiting I go outside to try to call the dog back. I am over by the fence and see blood lots of blood from what I think, our dog, a person...I am freaked out!!! The police come and start walking around. It's late 9:00 or maybe 10:00 on a crisp fall night. I wait. It seems like forever. I answer the questions, I watch them take photos. I wait. Then the sound of the police Shoulder held mic brakes though the tension. They have someone. Someone pretty beat up, someone bleeding. They find him in the Church Building 2 blocks down. My dog is safe we are all safe. I go into the police station there is a line of people I have to look at. I am to see if anyone looks familiar to me. I look. No one does. I am told that it is safe to go home now. I do and am not able to sleep. The phone call comes at a time when I must just be drifting off on the couch. I jump up answer it. It is the police man from last night he wants me to come back down to the station. I'm there in a flash both kids in each tried arm. The police man say's the man they found last night has been staking me for awhile now. They went to his Appartment and fins HUGE posters of me hanging all over the walls. Pictures of me at the Supermarket,getting into my car, on the way to church with my kids,me hugging my parents goodbye on a visit to my home. This man I don't know, this man I have never seen has to have 145 stitches in his face and arm from my Dog who is now my HERO!! I go home and close my blinds and buy a Garage opener, a tazser and new door locks. I go home and live my life a little more on the lookout. The dog gets a bath and a HERO cake. We are safe, we are together, we are alive thank GOD!!!

Hailey Miller said...

These both sound like awesome books! Please enter me for Skeleton Creek by Patrick Carman.

Once, When I was 9, I got stuck in my room (which is in the basement with no windows) when the power was off for half an hour (because my door knob somehow got stuck) I was so scared that I didn’t remember until afterwards that I has a flashlight in one of my drawers.

+1 I became a follower.


Unknown said...

Scariest moment of my life, that would have to be when I got lost in the woods in the dead of winter. With only my meager snow clothes and my BFF,I was sure that would be the end of me that cold winter afternoon. Exploring the glacier trails in my backs woods turned into an all day adventure, until the adventure turned into a nightmare As evening approached we realized we were lost in the middle of a large snow covered forest, and we were freezing. I'll never forget the fear I felt as we screamed out for help, hoping someone could direct us home. When we finally did make it back I'd never felt so relieved to see my house as i did that night.

Posted about contest on my blog (http://book-mac13.blogspot.com/) (on sidebar)



Denise said...

Hi! I'm Denise, and I am following your blog, and have been for a while.

My scary story is something that happened in California. One night, when we were on our way back to our hotel, we were confronted as we waited for the stop light to turn green. We had our windows rolled down, and didn't see the man until he was right up against the driver's side, threatening my dad and asking him to come out and fight. Dad tried to roll the windows up, but the man stuck his fist in the window as it went up, and he kept yelling at us, using words I had hoped only to hear in movies, as threats. The light seemed to take forever, but even as it changed, the man refused to take his fist out of our window, so in the end my dad had to drive off, making us wince as the man's wrist thumped against the side before sliding out of the car.
I'll never forget that encounter. So no matter what, in CA, keep the window's rolled up!

M.A.D. said...

Mary D
zenrei57 (at) hotmail (dot) com
I would so love either book, but ESPECIALLY Shadowed Summer!!!

I'll tell you a TRUE scary story that happened to me - I was at work one night, alone, no one in the store, after hours, etc ... and I saw two children come into the store, giggling, and could see their heads just barely clearing the counter. When I got UP off the floor where I'd been tidying up, I realized there was NO ONE in the store, and the dead silence completely unnerved me! I literally felt the back of my neck crawl...

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