Monday, July 13, 2009

My Interesting Week at Summer Camp

I can't really say my four days at summer camp in Colorado was super fun, but I can truly say it was an experience I'll never forget because I came back sick. :( I'm 100% sure that two of my roommates had the flue (or something) before they came to camp. This year was my first year at a youth camp. (What's wrong with me, right?) I don't really like to camp or stay in cabins on hard bunk mattresses or race twenty other girls who spend hours doing their hair and makeup for the bathroom just to go pee in the morning. And who's the idiot who decided to have all the camp activities in the hottest part of the day?
Some people go for the fun of it, others to pick up boyfriends or girlfriends, or just to play stupid pranks (which nobody did because they got into serious trouble last year). The caravan of all boys from Arizona didn't show up this year so most of the girls were extremely bored and wasted those precious hours in the mirror for nothing. Me? I was just lucky to get a bunk or actually get to go to the bathroom twice a day. When the bathroom was free, it was like getting free candy. I hung out with the girls from Room #3 (yeah, the only room left since these other girls started calling bunks several hours before we even reached Colorado), which all of whom had just finished mid-school so they quite a bit younger than me. There was Sylvia*, Liz, Meggie, Zia, and then our counselor. We all had fun together and I think that the girls my age were quite boring compared to these to-be freshmen. (Can you imagine? A junior hanging out with freshmen!)
Anyway, I enjoyed every minuet with them. Thanks guys for making camp a little more bearable!

The Loooong Ride

We left Sunday afternoon around 1:30 pm and didn't arrive at the camp till 9:30 pm. It took us eight hours with two buses full and one SUV full of suitcases. Forty teenagers (all girls except eight) equals huge suitcases.

The A Dip in the Coldest Water on Earth

Our camp leader (who also happens to be with My Group) took us white-water rafting which was the reason for arriving a day early. I don't have any pictures to share with you because I couldn't take my camera.
I thought it would be scarier because they kept talking about flipping the boat and falling out, but the only people who fell out did it on purpose. At one point on ride you could jump out. While standing on edge of the boat playing a game called "ride the bull", Zia lost her balance and plopped over the edge.
It took two people to get her out.....and the water? It was freezing!
The rest of the ride was fun, but I'd actually go for a bit more thrill (we were only on level 1 of 6 because of so many new people). At the end of the ride, we came to this place where there was a giant rock sticking out of the water. We stopped and a few of us climbed the rock. I stood on the riverbank watching until somebody started throwing people into the water. Pretty soon no one was dry. My friend KC got dunked three times; poor Andrew almost got hypothermia; and my friend Tina got a big cut on her leg after KC pushed her into the water. Our clothes didn't get dry till the end of camp!

Meet the Band

Because there was a lack of camp staff to lead us in activities and represent certain groups, the band who was hired to play for us helped out. The band was Crimson Everburn: Josh (vocals), Colton (guitar), and Haven (drums). Haven was my activities leader for the week.

Drama & Trauma

Drama? Thank goodness not much reached my ears. But really with hardly any boys around, would there really be that much of a fuss? Besides a few acts of drama here and there, a lot of the teenagers brought with them problems from home. Can't have a summer camp without tears now can we?

Disco Fever

On the last night at camp we had a Disco "party". They played disco music, we danced, and a counselor taught us how to do the Hussle. We danced for so long that the camp director practically had to kick us out!
The other nights-for entertainment-we had wrestling matches.


After many goodbyes and some yucky lunch-meat sandwiches, it was time to hit the road. On the way home Andrew, KC, and some other teens did some prank phones calls which were hilarious, but that's about all we did. Everyone was tired and ready to sleep in the own beds. Don't worry though, I'm sure that sleepy-eyed bunch will be ready for the next camp adventure soon enough......

Sorry I don't have any pictures to show you guys since they all have people in the pictures that might not want their faces on the web.

*All names have been changed for safety reasons


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Glad to hear you had a good time! And kind of random but I love the name Colton haha. ;D

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