Tuesday, June 30, 2009

The Uninvited by Tim Wynne-Jones

Mimi Shapiro is running away from New York. From the NYU professor who went too far, from life. Mimi drives up to Canada where she plans to stay in her father's old cabin. The snye is a beautiful place, almost fairy-like, that is until she discovers someone else-someone uninvited-is already living there. Jay Page, a young musician, has been staying at the cabin for some time-and someone has been leaving little "surprises" around the house: a dead bird, a snake skin, and sounds embedded in his latest compositions.
If Mimi isn't the intruder, who is?
When Cramer Lee first saw Mimi pull up in that shiny red Mini Cooper, he just had to meet her. There is something about Mimi he just can't forget. He must meet her, even if it means pulling some elaborate tricks.

In this suspenseful story of drama and mystery, three characters must find the link that binds them together-before things get entirely out of hand. Everyone was uninvited.....but not for long.


This is really an amazing book. The plot was crafted from merely three characters, a lonely cabin, and an artist who had many hidden secrets. The book was pretty long, but once I got to the third or fourth chapter, I was hooked. The Uninvited is fast-paced and a nail-biting page turner; and the complexity of Mimi, Jay, and Cramer was outrageous yet extremely enjoyable till the very last page. I really connected with the characters and I was sad the book had to end.
My first impression of The Uninvited was that it was a scary thriller like book, but I was wrong. It goes somewhere in the category of suspense and family drama, which made a great combination. The ending of this great novel was surprising but prefect. Told by a master story teller, The Uninvited is a story you won't want to miss.

Pages: 353 Year Published: May 2009 Genre: Suspense/Drama/Realistic
Age Group: YA, age 14+ Buy or Borrow? Both, but definitely good enough to buy
Content: Language, mild sexual references, mild violence/graphicness
Enjoyed It: 5/5 Rating:

Special thanks fo Mr. Wynne-Jones for sending me his book!


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