Thursday, June 4, 2009

Project Sweet Life by Brent Hartinger

Summer jobs for fifteen year olds are optional, but for Dave, Curtis, and Victor, their dads have different ideas. They would do anything just to have one more free summer before they go to work....for the rest of their lives. Soon it's a race against time to collect $7,000 dollars before the end of the summer-and without lifting a finger. 
With a daring plan, Mr. Moneybags, and some very bad luck, Dave, Curtis, and Victor embark on their last free summer and a quest find the money, even if it means lying to their parents and chasing bank robbers. Project Sweet Life is an exciting humorous story of friendship, adventure, and growing up. 


When I first saw this book several months ago, I hesitated to read it (even though it sounded funny). Three guys ditching summers jobs and faking it just to spend one last "free" summer? What a bunch of slackers, right? As it turns out, Project Sweet Life is much more than that. Not only was it just hilarious, it was full of adventure which felt like reading a modern-day teenage Indiana-Jones episode. The three guys tried all kinds of ways to make $7,000 dollars fast (and legally); from a no-junk garage sale, to trying to catch some bank robbers, to hidden treasure. Dave, Curtis, and Victor could have succeeded in the first try, but they kept running into all sorts of  bizarre roadblocks. 
It was fun to read a book from a guy's point of view, Dave (the narrator) has a very clear, distinct voice and the book was just written so well. Chances are, you'll never forget this entertaining trio and their whacky plans. Project Sweet Life is a super fun book for anyone and has become one of my favorites! 

About the Author
Brent Hartinger has been writing novels, plays, and screenplays for many years. Like the boys in Project Sweet Life, Brent also tried to weasel out of getting a job, but at age sixteen his parent's finally succeeded in making him get a job as a lifeguard. He lives in Washington state.

Pages: 277     Year Published: Feb. 2009     Genre: Realistic/contemporary, adventure
Age Group: YA, ages 12+        Content: None    Buy or Borrow? Both
Enjoyed It: 5/5 BLTs        Rating: 

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