Monday, June 15, 2009

Monday Muse: The View From My Window

Instead of posting about books this week, I'm going to do something non-related. Today I'm going to share with you My View from my bedroom window. I took this picture yesterday evening before it rained, then turned the picture black and white (made the clouds look neat):

What does your view from your window look like?
Is yours a cityscape, a balcony view? A farmscape, a mountain view, or a countryscape like mine?
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~The Book Pixie said...

I have a very crappy view from my window. lol. A cloths line, a tree, and a chain link fence. On the other side of the fence is the uncut wilderness that my neighbor calls a backyard. You, on the other hand, have a wonderful view. Very beautiful, indeed. I'll try and post a picture of my view tomorrow and I'll leave the link in your Mr. Linky. :)

Laina said...

Oh, that's gorgeous. Trees. And my neighbor's house. Oh, I might have some pictures from winter, let me check... got em. I have three pictures, sorry. This was to the left of my window: This was right in front of my window: and this was to the right of my window:

I took them through the window because it was too cold to go outside. They were in the middle of winter, probably late december early january (I hadn't set the date stamp yet, so that's totally wrong). I've sort of lost my camera, so I can't take any current ones, but now you just see my lawn and stuff.

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