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Notes From A Spinning Planet-Ireland

It’s pretty humiliating to admit, but I’ve never flown in a plane before today. So wouldn’t you think that I’d be feeling pretty jazzed right now? Instead I keep grabbing onto these armrests as I ask myself why on earth I ever agreed to come on this frightening trip.…

Affectionately teased as a “country bumpkin,” nineteen year-old Maddie has never been one to explore new territory. Her first trip outside of the country with her Aunt Sid and Sid’s godson, Ryan, promises an exhilarating adventure. Northern Ireland is more captivating than she even imagined–and Ryan is offering plenty of intrigue himself. 

As Aunt Sid researches peace camps, Maddie and Ryan explore Ireland’s rich landscape. During the journey, Maddie begins to discover more about what she wants from life, while developing a deeper friendship with her irresistible traveling companion.

When Maddie and Ryan dig for the truth about the IRA car bomb that killed Ryan’s father years ago, questions about the past accumulate. Unable to let go of growing suspicions in this mysterious country, Maddie finds herself on a dangerous journey, a journey that will lead her to the greatest discovery of all. 
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After reading this book I actually felt as if I had visited Ireland too! (I even miss Clifton) It was funny, adventurous, and intriguing. I mean, seriously, I had no idea what is going on in Ireland right now and the constant battles between Northern Ireland (English government) and the rest of Ireland. It's sad really, the IRA started out simply fighting for freedom from the British government, but this new generation of the IRA (who now call themselves the RIRA, the Real Irish Republic Army) are just nuts with their car bombs and subway bombings. In my opioion, both sides are missing the point nowdays.
I really love Carlson's books. They have layers. The surface layer is the main idea or event in the story, the second is the complexity of the characters and what's going on with the characters besides the main event, and the third is a tinsy bit of Carlson's own Christian beliefs. Once all those layers are put together, you get a wonderful story and a colorful dash of characters. Maddie's personality was really well developed and I just love hers sense of humor. I'll really miss all the characters and places.....but hey! there's two more books!

Melody Carlson has written over a hundred books for adults, teens, and children. She is the author of The Diary of a Teenage Girl series and countless other books for teens. Visit her website at 

Pages: 256   Year Published: 2006    Fiction: Realistic/Contemporary, Chic Lit
Level: YA, ages 13+    This Book is For: Tween to Teen Girls
Should I Waist My Eyes On This? Yes     Buy or Borrow: Both

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Laina said...

This looks cute and I love Ireland and Scotland in literature, they always sound so gorgeous.

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