Saturday, April 18, 2009

Premiere Saturday: My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters by Sydney Salter

You know how they say "don't judge a book by it's cover", well I a good way. Picture me sitting at my computer scanning the new book releases when I see the title "My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters".
"Whacky title....this outta be interesting."
[Clicks link that goes to Amazon; book cover appears]
"Oh my gosh! I have a Barbie just like that!"

Instead of saying "Oh, this sounds good" or "Alright, a book about someone who doesn't like their nose either!", I only wanted to read it because there's a Barbie on the cover. Um, yeah, somebody played with Barbies waaay too much. And for the record I like my nose, even though it resembles my grandfather's round Irish strawberry nose. (When the rest of your family has big pointy noses, you'll be estatic with anything but a big pointy nose.)
Now onto the review:

My Big Nose and Other Natural Disasters was great narrative by an average teenage girl with some acceptance issues. (Who doesn't right? As for the people who love themselves as is: Good for you!)
After finishing her junior year of high school, seventeen year-old Jory Michaels has three things on her summer to-do list: get ride of the Super Schnozz, find her passion (aka land Tyler Briggs as boyfriend), and learn to drive a stick-shift.
When both Jory's friends, Hannah and Megan find their "passions", Jory feels she must speed things up a little; and when she does, natural disaster follows. If only she can get ride of her big nose everything will be peachy....right?
In this comedic drama about every girl's worst nightmare comes the story of accepting yourself and getting the guy without causing natural disaster.


Yes, you can take away the Barbie doll image now ladies. This girl has a serious problem. After reading the first chapter I was hooked! The humor was great, the issues surrounding Jory were so-true and relateable, but she was a little too obsessed with boys for my taste. Kinda to the point where she was getting rather ridiculous and getting way too desperate. I think girls should never get desperate over boys-especially when some girls only have boyfriends for approx. three months. Me? I'd rather skip the boyfriend fling and find my "Edward" for keeps.
How cool is this? Not only do you get to read a fun teenage novel, but you get to be introduced or re-introduced to those life lessons we keep ignoring. Now if only there was a book on how to accept those pesky black-heads. Talk about best-seller....

*Because of some sexual content and references and underage drinking, I would only recommend teen girls that are at least fifteen read this.

Pages: 345 Year Published: April 6th, 2009 Genre: Realistic/Contemporary
Age Group: YA, ages 15+ Content: Teen drinking, some sexual situations/references
Enjoyed It: 4/5 Rating:(based on content)

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Silvia said...

Nice Review!

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the name Jory is boss

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