Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Wishing on Wednesday (2)

He passed a note across the counter.THIS IS A BANK ROBBERY. YOU WON''T GET HURT IF YOU DO AS YOU''RE TOLD. I knew what the note said because I had written it.

Nell has been in foster homes all her life-most of them have been horrible. She finally gets moved to a home she likes, and the ministry threatens to close it down unless an expensive renovation is made to the house. Nell and the two boys in the home, Billy and Tom, decide to raise the funds themselves. How do kids get large amounts of money quickly? By robbing banks, of course. Their first few heists are successful, but when they almost get caught on their sixth robbery, the friends start to fight about whether they should continue. The bank jobs that were meant to keep their family together just might tear it apart.

James Heneghan is the best-selling author of dozens of books for kids and young adults, including Safe House and Waiting for Sarah.

Norma Charles has written many books for kids including The Accomplice, winner of the Sheila A. Egoff Children''s Literature Prize.

Norma and James both live in Vancouver, British Columbia. Bank Job was inspired by a newspaper account of three teens who robbed seven banks in Vancouver.

Will be released April 1st, 2009

A book about teens robbing banks!-this is a new idea. We know the real kids from Canada could pull it off, but can the authors? Can't wait to find out.

"Wishing on Wendesdays" in the creation of B.L.T. If you would like to use this idea on your blog, please contact me for permission. Thanks.

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