Sunday, March 1, 2009

Review Policy

Although BLT is my hobby, I am extremely dedicated to it. I spend countless hours a week working on reviews and other posts. I enjoy recommending good books to teens and I hope to continue running BLT for as long as possible.

How I Review/Rate Books
My reviews will be serious yet modern, honest and reflect how I feel about the book. In my review I tend to present the good things first and then the downsides (if any). The last paragraph where you'll find my recommendation.
I rate the book on how much I liked it and what kind of content the book contained. I cannot guarantee that your book will get a 5 star rating or even a good review. I happen to be kind of strict when it comes to book content. If the novel has bad language, too many sexual situations, encouraging drug use or teen drinking of any sort, it will 2 or 1 star rating. I'm not harsh, I just don't want to promote anything like that. (See my content rating scale)

Requesting & Accepting Books for Review
I am more than happy to review books that publishers or authors send me. If you email me, I will respond to your email; I don't usually decline unless I am extremely busy or it's a book I'm really not interested in. I do not accept ebooks  because it hurts my eyes to read online for a long time.
I really try to wait and see if publishing companies/publicist will contact me, but I do request books from time to time. Sometimes it takes awhile for the book review to show up on BLT, but I promise to read/review any book that I request.

How Long Will It Take?
I try very hard to read and review books in a timely fashion, but life happens. If I read an ARC, I try to have the review posted either before or around the release date. (If you want the review posted on a certain date, please say so.)

Genre & Books I Will Read
BLT is a YA (young adult) review blog, so I mainly accept YA books for review. I do accept the occasional adult title--if it interests me--and I'm open to reading Middle Grade novels as well. I enjoy pretty much any genre (including non-fiction and Christian fiction) but I love historical and contemporary fiction the best. (See complete list of books)

Book Tours & Contests
I have participated in several book tours (Tundra, Sourcebooks) and hosted contests for the cool people at Big Honcho Media. If you would like BLT to do a blog tour and/or contest, please don't hesitate to ask!

Blog Traffic
We get an average of 40-50 visitors and up to 60-75 page views a day. The number of Blogger followers is to your left and I have a growing number of eReader/email subscribers.

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