Saturday, March 7, 2009

The Parliament of Blood by Justin Richards

After reading the Twilight series, I had enough of “good” vampires. There are tons of vampire books, but can you believe there are very few with “bad” vampires in them?

It makes you wonder if anybody knows that vampires were considered evil (yeah, sorry girls, if vampires were real, chances are Edward would be more interested in his next meal than getting a girlfriend) or that they are more monster than human.

I mean, seriously, if vamps really existed, they’d probably be laughing their fangs off reading all the stuff we’ve come up with about them (no offense readers and authors).

[Somewhere near a dark forest, in a misty grave yard, a muffled voice from deep within the earth says, “None taken.”]

Um, did you hear something? Ooookay.......

My idea of a vamp novel would be a good old fashion one where the vampires are “bad”-ya know the ones where the villagers hang garlic on their doors and scream “AHHH! Vampire, run! instead of “OMG! It’s Edward!! Pinch me!”. With much searching, I found one:

It all starts out with Sir William and his discovery of an old sarcophagus in the Unclassified Department where he works in the London Museum (aka the department full of stuff that the museum doesn’t have a special room for, or things that They don’t want anyone to see). And for the record, museums really do have stuff on file that has been discovered blah blah years ago, but has never been displayed. Kinda of creepy if you ask me.

After a little accident with a knife and some spilled blood, the mummy comes to life and is picked up a mysterious driver and his coach that has a symbol on it. Was it a prank or something dangerously real? When George Archer and Sir William find some mysterious photographs that reveal literally nothing, lets just say they’ve really uncovered something worth show casing.

With the police involved, half the nobles attending a centuries old secret Club, and all their witnesses turning up either dead or undead, George, Eddie, Liz, and Sir William must get to the bottom of this......before it’s too late.

Parliament of Blood is told from the human’s side of story and is clearly a humans vs. vampires book like that of Dracula. The book takes place in the late 1800s and sticks to traditional and historical vampire facts and legends. I gave it four B.L.Ts not because there was anything in it, but because it was a tad creepy at times.

I’m glad I choose this vampy book, but I for one won’t be reading another thriller book for awhile.

(Not good for the subconscious mind.)

And, oh yes, don’t read this book at night.......

Pages: 359 Year Published: 2008 Genre:: Thriller/Horror

Age Group: YA, ages 14+ Content: HorrorRecommend? Yes

Enjoyed It: 5/5 Rating:

Book previews or book clips are becomeng very popular. Some book previews are just pictures, but some I have seen with actual actors. I decided to make a book preview for Parliament of Blood. I hope to feature more of my "home-made" book previews in the future or simply do a podcast of a review.
Make sure to turn up your sound! Tell me what you think:

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