Thursday, February 19, 2009

Two Girls of Gettysburg by Lisa Klein

Lizzie and Rosanna are cousins. But when the Civil War breaks out, fifteen-year-old Lizzie finds herself committed to the cause of the Union, while Rosanna is swept up in the passions of the old south—and in her love for a young Confederate officer. Torn in their alliances, yet as devoted as sisters, each girl finds herself grappling with the senseless brutality of war, and the sacrifices that must be made
 in order to su
rvive. It will take one of the war’s bloodiest battles—fought on the farmlands of Gettysburg, Pennsylvania—to bring them together again. Unflinching in its portrayal of war, and inspiring in its depiction of two resilient young women, this is a historical novel of exceptional depth and reach.

The Review

Two Girls of Gettysburg was fairly slow and didn’t start getting interesting until half-way through the book. The book was way too long for it just to end after the Battle of Gettysburg. (I would have enjoyed the book even if it just was about the Battle of Gettysburg period.) The book really took off just before Battle of Gettysburg and proved itself a recommendation. The battle scene at the end of the novel was breathtaking. I really loved it the detail and emotion Klein put into the final battle of the Civil War. I really enjoyed Lizzie’s side of the story because Roanna’s was a bit too stiff and there towards the middle, she only talked about historical events.
Klein did do a good job at portraying two very different girls: with Lizzie there was a sense of hidden adventure; with Rosanna there was a sense of a fantasy gone haywire. Lizzie learned to dream and Rosanna got a reality check. Both girls saw and experienced the aftermath of battles: they walked through the bullets, watched people die, and lost loved ones.
Two Girls of Gettysburg was a stunning read about the Civil War and all it’s tragedies and yep, happy endings-despite it’s slowness in places. I hope Klein writes more HF!

Rating: 3 stars       Pages: 387       Year Pub.:2008   Level: YA   Fiction: Historical
Time Period: Civil War (1870s)         Recommend? Yes

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