Saturday, February 28, 2009

Rat Life: A Mystery by Tedd Arnold

It's 1972.

What happens when your parents own a motel, your dad doesn’t believe in allowance, and your teacher caught you writing alien stories and made the whole class do a creative writing assignment?

After a tragic accident with a stray puppy, Todd meets a strange, but funny guy named Rat who offers him a job at a cheesy drive-in movie theater.

So far Todd’s summer is just dandy (minus the dead guy in the river) until a puke green car shows up for the second time). Then comes Rat’s strange reactions and a story about Rat fighting in Vietnam, even though Rat is barely an adult.

In the words of ‘Leaky’ Simmons: the plot thickens.
So just what is going on in Elmina, NY? Does Rat have anything to do with the dead guy in the river ? And Mrs. Hagerwood is still waiting for that creative writing paper..... 

The Review

I only got through the first two chapters before I was laughing. Humor coming from the mouth of a fourteen year old boy (or any “guy” for that matter-no offense) can be crude and a bit disguising. Nonetheless, it did add a personal touch to the book.

The book cover says ‘A Mystery’, but it’s really more of a mini-fictional memoir of Todd telling Rat’s story, or a book within a book.

Rat Life deals with a violet situation involving Rat’s family, hence there is some language. And....oh, yeah it’s the 70s so life wasn’t perfect back then either.

It was an okay story, but definitely something I could live without reading........


           Reviewer Enjoyment:

Pages: 199    Year Published: 2007    Level: YA   (14+)

Fiction: Realistic/Contemporary    

Should I Waist My Eyes On This? No

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