Thursday, February 19, 2009

Anything But Ordinary by Valerie Hobbs

Winifred and Bernie are best friends, and most of all they like to be different. When the kids at school would wear Nike shoes, they'd wear Converse. When the latest fad was designer clothes, they would wear "recycled" t-shirts and jeans from the second hand store.
They were different.....until Wini left for college, then everything began to change. Fearing Wini would become like everyone else, Bernie decides to go after her.
By the time Bernie shows up at UOC, it's too late, Wini changed so much that Bernie isn’t sure he loves her anymore.
In the end, they both discover that being different is what they should be.

The Review

This book was terrible. It started out okay, but by the time it got to UOC, it mentioned all kinds of disgusting dorm room secrets.  Sure Hobbs did give a point: you shouldn't be like everybody else just because you don't fit in; but by the time it got to that part, Wini and Bernie had made all kinds of bad decisions (mostly Wini). I mean do you really want to read about all the bad stuff that happens (or that they say that happens) in college? I did not like it personally because I felt the author wrote in a very loose manor instead presenting the hard facts and consequences of Wini and Bernie's actions. The author need to make it a bit more clear that if you do those things, you have to live with those choices for the rest of your life instead of the characters knowing how they messed up, and then life going back to being "peachy-keen".

 My recommendation to you is skip the book and take the advice from above..... and don't go to the University of California.

Rating: 1 star    Pages: 176     Year Published: 2007    Level: YA (ages16+)    

Fiction: Realistic/ Contemporary       Should I Waist My Eyes on This? No

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