Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Winners of Ultimate Guide to Style: Their Fashion Advice

And the three lucky girls who get copies of Seventeen's Ultimate Guide to Style are...
Joan G.
Danielle F.

Joan said: "My style is a little girly. I don't wear accessories."
Me: Hope this inspires you–there are some awesome ideas for accessories, especially hair-do-dads.

Danielle said: "Never buy something in the store unless you absolutely love it. If you don't love it there you won't love it when you get home either. Ohh and always go to the back of the store first, that's where usually keep the clearance, it could save you a few bucks. 
That's my advice, I'm a shopaholic..."
Me: Thanks Danielle, that was great advice!

Oliva said: "I love wearing different things that people don't really have the guts to wear. My fav accessory is jewelry. It always makes your outfit look more interesting even with the simplest outfit!!"
Me: Great thanks! Love jewelry too.

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